Fort Hamer Crossing 13 Acres Rezoned and GDP for 150,000 sq. ft. Commercial Approved

Fort Hamer Crossings Rezone & GDP

An Ordinance of the Board of County Commissioners of Manatee County, Florida, regarding land development, amending the Official Zoning Atlas (Ordinance 15-17, the Manatee Land Development Code), relating to the zoning within the unincorporated area; providing for a rezone of approximately 13.35 acres from A-1/NCO (Suburban Agriculture/North Central Overlay) to the PDC/NCO (Planned Development Commercial) zoning district, retaining the North Central Overlay District; approving a General Development Plan for up to 150,000 square feet of commercial uses; the 13.35 acres is located within the UF-3 (Urban Fringe – 3) Future Land Use Category, and generally located at the southwest corner of US 301 and Ft. Hamer Road, at 12055 US 301; 5751 Fort Hamer Road; and 5851 Bella Road, Parrish (Manatee County); approving a Schedule of Permitted and Prohibited Uses, as voluntarily proffered by the applicant and attached as Exhibit “B”; subject to stipulations as conditions of approval, setting forth findings; providing a legal description; providing for severability; and providing an effective date.

  • CASE #: PDC-21-05(Z)(G) PLN2103-0118
  • PROJECT NAME: Fort Hamer Crossing
  • LAND OWNER: William K. and Katherine L. Marsh
  • APPLICANT(S)/AGENT: William K. and Katherine L. Marsh (owners)/The Ferber Company, Inc. (contract purchaser) Avid Group (agent)
  • PROPOSED ZONING: PDC/NCO (Planned Development Commercial/North Central Overlay)
  • EXISTING ZONING: A-1/NCO (Suburban Agriculture/North Central Overlay)
  • PROPOSED USE(S): Commercial uses as allowed by the Schedule of Uses
  • CASE MANAGER: Dorothy Rainey, AICP Principal Planner

Unanimously approved February 3rd, 2022 at Manatee County Board of County Commissioners Land Use Meeting as seen in the YouTube video below…

Skip to 50:19 for approval

Where: 12055 US 301 N, Parrish, FL 34219

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