New Outdoor Beer Garden At Corporate Ladder Brewing Company

Corporate Ladder Brewing Company, which is about to celebrate their fourth year in business, is in the middle of upgrading their outdoor “Beer Garden” seating area. The picnic tables and pavers are gone. The soggy summertime grass has been replaced with artificial turf. All new tables and chairs doubled the the number of seats. Giant umbrellas provide plenty of shade and built-in lights automatically come on when the sun goes down.

They’re still working on a fence, additional parking and plants. Future plans include an outdoor bar, mural and sound system!

These improvements are great, but what about the beer? I recently had the opportunity to speak with co-owner Blake Kleppe about his brewery. Corporate Ladder’s most popular beers are fruit sours, stouts, and IPA’s. Depending on the beer, the brewing process can take anywhere from 2-weeks to 2-years, but most are ready within a month.

Business is good. New batch of to-go beer ready? Sold out. Seriously, the brewery has a loyal following. If you’re interested in to-go beers, you need to follow their Facebook or Instagram to get notified when new brews drop. Sometimes these batches are sold out in less than a minute after released online.

When COVID-19 hit, the brewery did away with refillable growlers. Now they have crowlers, which are are giant, 32 oz. cans. These beasts are filled from tap, then sealed with a special sealing machine. The cans keep UV light at bay and protect the brew from oxygen, which makes it last much longer than a growler.

There’s no food at the brewery, but they regularly have food trucks and the popular TK Grill restaurant is right next door.

Corporate Ladder regularly hosts events, such as Yoga and Beer and holiday themed gatherings.

Address: 4935 96th Street East, Palmetto, FL 34221
Phone: 941-479-4799

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