8 Firewood Retailers North of the Manatee River

January is our coldest month of the year and the perfect time to start up your fireplace or outdoor fire pit. Collected here are all of the places you can buy firewood north of the Manatee river.

MN Tree Service
3112 16th Ave E, Palmetto (also known as Canal Rd, north of Detwiler’s)
941-212-7213, ask for Manuel
Many different types of wood available.
$25 per wheelbarrow or $110 per front scoop of backhoe, which is about 6 wheelbarrows worth.

5227 Fort Hamer Rd, Parrish
$20 for 24 logs

Sunny Tomatoes
12255 US-301, Parrish
$5.99 per bag, about 7-8 logs

Turner’s Produce
7301 US-41, Palmetto
(next to Uppy’s gas station)
$30 per wheelbarrow

Acapulco Tropical y Mas
3410 US-301, Ellenton
$6.99 for 6-8 logs

Detwiler’s Farm Market
1800 US-301, Palmetto
$7.99 per bag, about 6 logs

Circle K gas stations
$7.99 per bag, about 6-7 logs
Also 2 bags for $14 & 3 for $20

Publix grocery stores
$6.99 per bag, about 7-8 logs

Know somewhere else that sells firewood north of the river? Let us know!

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